Reflections and Resolutions

I can't believe 2013 is almost over. Actually I CAN believe it because I'm looking at a calendar and today is Tuesday, December 31st. You know that saying that goes "The days are long but the years are short?" Somehow all of my days in 2013 seemed extra short. It was a busy year as years … Continue reading Reflections and Resolutions

Mortification Monday

Sunday, June 4th,It is only the fourth day of hurricane season and there already is a hurricane. We've had a ot of rain but Allison (the hurricane) won't -directly hit us. I tried the Sun-In I bought yesterday.Love, Danielle Saturday, June 10thSchool is out but I wish it was still in. Then maybe I would have … Continue reading Mortification Monday

Mortification Monday

In honor of the holidays, here's an extra long entry in which I detail a slow dance with a boy, Forrest Gump, and how much I love middle school.  Merry Christmas!Saturday, June 3rd, 1995Dear Diary,Before I go into school and the dance and my weekend. I'd like to share something- a phrase: "Your destiny is determined … Continue reading Mortification Monday

Bad Poetry Friday

Famous (c. 1997?)   I want to be famous act senseless be unruly forget my schooling funny how selfish I can be can you see me on TV? I'll be the crazy whore on prime time make everyone mine with a flick of a wrist change the scripts Soap Queen Saturday Night Sweetheart stealing the … Continue reading Bad Poetry Friday

My Favorite Favorites of 2013

All month the interwebs have been aflutter with the best books of the year list. PW has one. So does EW. And of course there was #libfaves13 on Twitter. This got me thinking about the books I loved this year. So here goes (in no particular order) 1. Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown because sometimes … Continue reading My Favorite Favorites of 2013

Mortification Monday (another late edition)

Wednesday, May 31, 1995 Dear Diary, Let me start with Mon- I ran like 3 miles and roller bladed 1 mile. At 9:30  I got a call from Valerie my pen pal. It was so neat to hear her voice. I miss her. We're going to camp the same week but different areas. I'll get … Continue reading Mortification Monday (another late edition)

Bad Poetry Friday (a Saturday Special)

Untitled (c. 1998) Beautiful girl you act so dumb taking pills to rid the pain even though he doesn't love you I do now alone in a hospital room you're dying because of your infatuation you won't win him back he prefers white trash the more you lose the less you have to gain you're … Continue reading Bad Poetry Friday (a Saturday Special)

Rejection Playlist Volume 3, Track 10 “I Don’t Love Anyone”

This Belle and Sebastian song has been around awhile but I only recently heard it on the GIRLS soundtrack (which is AMAZEBALLS) and it's been haunting me in a good way ever since. In addition to this being perfect for the playlist, it's also quite handy to sing to yourself in line at the post … Continue reading Rejection Playlist Volume 3, Track 10 “I Don’t Love Anyone”

Mortification Monday (on Tuesday)

Better late than never, right? May 28, 1995Dear Diary,My sister is such a pain! She lies and tries to get me in trouble. We're at Grandma's house . It is fun because she is nice , we get to go swimming, and I get to see my aunt and cousin. Last night I had to share … Continue reading Mortification Monday (on Tuesday)