Mortification Monday

Sunday, June 4th,

It is only the fourth day of hurricane season and there already is a hurricane. We’ve had a ot of rain but Allison (the hurricane) won’t -directly hit us. I tried the Sun-In I bought yesterday.

Love, Danielle


Saturday, June 10th

School is out but I wish it was still in. Then maybe I would have some of my friends, There is an ugly rumor going around school that I I’m saying that Jennifer and Tiffani like Dwayne. I never said that but they wont listen. I’m going to call them to apologize to them if I said anything. If I did anything I didn’t mean to. I’m not that kind of person to tell other people’s secrets. Mari is mad at me because I took a picture with her camera. It was my fault. Yesterday Vanessa and I went bowling. I’m in the process of cleaning my whole room top to bottom. Today I cleaned up my side of the closet. I organized and sorted stuff. I had a softball picnic today. It was okay. I got a letter from Valerie today. I’ll write her back when I’m through in here. 2 weeks from now I’ll be at camp. Yes!! 

I’m babysitting right now. I’ve been wondering if friendship is the key to happiness. If that is true. I guess it is lost.

Love, Danielle.


Friendship IS the key to happiness. And puppies.

I am really a nerd. This entry proves it. Hurricanes and cleaning my room? It’s a wonder I ever wound up dating.

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