Rejection Playlist Volume 2, Track 7 “Gimme Sympathy”

I can't help but smile anytime Metric's "Gimme Sympathy" comes on the radio/ my itunes DJ/ or Spotify station. There's something really melodic and soothing about this and it reminds me that I'm not alone in this. Get Hot Get too close to the flame Wild open space Talk like an open book Sign me … Continue reading Rejection Playlist Volume 2, Track 7 “Gimme Sympathy”

Bad Poetry Friday

Crazy (c. 1994) The world is spinning fast She doesn't think she'll last any longer Her smile is gone she feels so alone Nothing you could do or say could chase the pain away She snaps and screams words hateful and obscene She knows this feeling well she won't come our of her shell The … Continue reading Bad Poetry Friday

Mortification Monday or True Love is Watching Your Crush Barf

Today's Mortification Monday continues the Danielle and Justin saga at camp. Camp is winding dawn, and there is of course a milk-drinking contest at lunch which leads to a very memorable dance. I think the best part of this entry was that I was perfecting the "bitch face" at 13.      

Rejection Playlist Volume 2, Track 6 “The Waiting” I'm sure Tom Petty was really talking about waiting for his girl to put out in "The Waiting (is The Hardest Part)" but I think it also applies to the rejection playlist. And I love Tom because he's is also a native Floridian and he's brilliant. As writers we spend a lot of time … Continue reading Rejection Playlist Volume 2, Track 6 “The Waiting”

Bad Poetry Friday

Rumors (c. 1994) Rumors fly like a bird on our tongue We all ralk about someone We gossip and criticize and watch the pain in their eyes but when the tables turn We get beaten and burned We want it to end And be free again From what the rumors say   Notes: Ten bucks says … Continue reading Bad Poetry Friday

Rejection Playlist Volume 2, Track 5 “Firework”

This might not be the best song for this particular playlist, maybe it's more inspirational, but it's my blog and I don't care. I working on revisions today and my itunes DJ thought I needed to listen to Katy Perry. She was right. Because I am a firework.   Baby, you're a firework Come on, … Continue reading Rejection Playlist Volume 2, Track 5 “Firework”

Bad Poetry Friday

Untitled(c. 1993 or 1994)   We often say things we don't mean some hurtful, some obscene We laugh like lovers but fight like brothers Who is to blame for the sorrow, for the pain? Do we mean what we say? Or should we turn our backs and walk away? When we make up do we … Continue reading Bad Poetry Friday

WIP Playlist: Lethal

The best way for me to get back into a manuscript, particularly one I haven't looked at in some time, is to listen to the playlist I made when I did the first draft. Fact: I don't write well unless I have music. It keeps me from thinking about things unrelated to my WIP and it … Continue reading WIP Playlist: Lethal