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Bad Poetry Friday

There’s only two more days left in National Poetry Month. Make them count!Tofino 049


Sundays were for sleep

Now the calendar is full

of toddler playdates




Getting jealous thoughts

when I read an amazing book

is how I will fall



Drink coffee coffee

coffee coffee drink coffee

coffee coffee drink



Everything I write

is hot wet garbage left out

for vultures to eat



This would be easy

if I actually said things

that sounded profound



2016 has been a

series of obituary

headlines in papers



Why do I grow old

each day when I still feel young

inside my body?



This month of poems has

flown out the window on a

blustery spring breeze


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Bad Poetry Friday


Sometimes poetry

sneaks up behind you

and taps your shoulder


Sometimes poetry

hides from your heart and the words

slowly disappear


Sometimes poetry

is a cat on a brown couch

teasing a little dog


Sometimes poetry

isn’t anything at all

beacuse your brain hurts


Haiku, I haven’t

forgotten you, even though it

seems like Megan has


My baby waddled

into toddlerhood when

I wasn’t looking


Tiny toddler

is a f-5 tornado

tearing through my house


Summer snuck in while

Spring was busy stopping to

smell the new flowers


I can’t tell which is

worse-this idea or these

poems I dare to write


April brings baseball

cool nights listening to the

radio broadcast


I can’t stop reading

books that make me ugly cry

Shelve them with Kleenex


What if I ran out

of things to say right smack

in the middle of–


Sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep

chasing that dragon nightly

sleep sleep sleep sleep


Today was awful

too many bad things to share

But I ate pizza

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Bad Poetry Friday

April is National Poetry month. Inspired by the amazing Jason Reynolds I am writing a poem a day, though mostly haikus.

These are the poems from April 1st-8th


April is for poems

but I am not a poet

This will surely suck



Haikus are just texts

sent before there were cell phones

poet to poet



Early bird wakes me up

Drinking coffee under the trees

Dad is still asleep




Wherever we go

it always rains on our trips

Metaphor for life?



The tide is too high

for dogs to chase seagulls

Goodbye, Oregon



My kid hogs my bed

steals covers and my pillow

Wish I fit in cribs



Summer has snuck in

much like a teenager who

has broken curfew



I used to dream of

going on wild adventures

Now I dream of naps

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Bad Poetry Friday

Love c.?

Love wasn’t patient

love wasn’t kind

love stuck a knife in this heart of mine

love was jealous

love was mean

love swung his fist and shattered my dreams

love didn’t believe

or endure

or trust

wihout love, I am dust

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Bad Poetry Friday

Briar Rose c. 1997?

Briar Rose you never wake

you hide in deep slumber

and when your Prince Charming came

you didn’t even roll over.


Sleeping Beauty your pills are a vice

you take valium with vodka and ice

amd dream pf darkness

that washes like the sea


You will never lose sleep over your beauty.



This was likely inspired by a Robin McKinley book.

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Bad Poetry Friday

Me c. June 1999

You cannot mold my body

I am the shape of my ansectors

I can bring any man to his knees

I am still a child

I wear my hair in a palm tree

I still take naps

I love adventures

I am a woman

I can dance until dawn

drive fast in expensive cars

and sleep with the enemy

I still have room to groq

don’t duge me in a glance

I change in a blink of an eye


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Bad Poetry Friday

Wishes c.12-28-1998 9:35 p.m.

I want him to look past

the size of my breasts

past the color and design

of ,y panty line

(or lack there of)

I want him to see the girl

behind the beautiful eyes

and uneasy smile

I want him to love me

the way I imagined he would

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Bad Poetry Friday

Deadly Obsession

Spring 1997


I promised you I’d quit

but why am I back to it?

Dying, crying, trying to stop

but I can’t.

My fingers are forced down my throat

I’m gagging and I start to choke

on my sobs

My skin is red

I’m so dizzy I don’t know

what I said

Just purging and purging for

the voice in my head

See that girl in the mirror

she looks different, maybe thinner

she looks like she losing

out to her dreams

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Bad Poetry Friday

Untitled 9/15/00

My crazy old lover

my crazy lover

talking to you today

made my heart feel the same

as it did we had our passion two summers ago

You have a signifigant other

why wasn’t I signifigant enough to hold onto you?

I will win you back, eventually

My crazy lover



I never won him back. But it’s not a sad story. We’re still friends.

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Bad Poetry Friday

Untitled (August 26, 2000)

His intellegence makes me speachless

His touch makes my knees jello

Funny how he had me

with a simple, “Hello.”

He transformed me from

girl to goddess

with insight on politics and religion

How can I express myself to this Greek God,

this Einstein

when every time he looks at me

I forget my name?

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