Bad Poetry Friday

April is National Poetry month. Inspired by the amazing Jason Reynolds I am writing a poem a day, though mostly haikus.

These are the poems from April 1st-8th


April is for poems

but I am not a poet

This will surely suck



Haikus are just texts

sent before there were cell phones

poet to poet



Early bird wakes me up

Drinking coffee under the trees

Dad is still asleep




Wherever we go

it always rains on our trips

Metaphor for life?



The tide is too high

for dogs to chase seagulls

Goodbye, Oregon



My kid hogs my bed

steals covers and my pillow

Wish I fit in cribs



Summer has snuck in

much like a teenager who

has broken curfew



I used to dream of

going on wild adventures

Now I dream of naps

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