Mortification Monday

Monday, July 3Dear Diary,I wish I was still at camp. I miss the air, the trees, the people, the smell, everything. I can still picture myself there singing and talking. I keep having flashbacks on things we did or something that happened. I got my pictures back of camp. Some turned out well.Love, Danielle

Bady Poetry Friday

Mike- 2nd Chance You had time to pull your shit together So why do you return to your asshole tendencies? Do you enjoy driving me back to beer and cigeettes? At least I know they'll always be there One of these days you'll wake up and realize I was the best thing ever to happen … Continue reading Bady Poetry Friday

Tune in Tuesday: You Had Time This is another song on Avery's setlist in SECRET HEART. I've been a Ani Difranco fan for years and it didn't feel right not to have Avery play her music. Fun fact: in college when I hosted my Angry Girl Syndrome radio show I had a 5 o'clock Ani block when I would play … Continue reading Tune in Tuesday: You Had Time

Mortification Monday

Sunday, July 2ndDear Diary,I'm back home in Florida, but I wish I was still at Lutheridge. I keep remembering little things like playing with the salt shaker at lunch, singing a song for our saying grace. I'm homesick for Lutheridge. We spent the night at the same hotel as we did last year when we … Continue reading Mortification Monday

Bad Poetry Friday

This whole poem is one giant WTF Mike #2 (2001)The biggest screw up I everscrewed once told mesomething I'd never understandoccasionally he's speak ofhis turbulent timesHell, we've all been theresome of us just keeprepeating the cyclemixing the whites with a pairof red socksand everything turns piss-colored pinkin those diluted momentsI contemplate returning to old habitsand bite … Continue reading Bad Poetry Friday

Mortification Monday

Saturday, July 1st Dear Diary, We're on the way back from camp. I keep remembering things that happened this week like on Sunday, the arrival at camp, the games, my letter from Valerie, the people I met, my fake name (Char) and Monday the rope course-me trusting people, crawling on a board mid-air to scoop … Continue reading Mortification Monday

Choose Your Own Adventure: Revision Edition

You are midway through a rewrite of your novel, one that you and your agent wants turned around fast due to the nature of the market and the timeliness of the piece. During your rewrite will you a) throw out your back after sitting on a yoga ball for way too many hours and from … Continue reading Choose Your Own Adventure: Revision Edition