Bad Poetry Friday

Reality 2/16/1998 You were never the angel I swore I saw just a regular mirage you are human so now I hear I guess I used you to comfort my fears I was mistaken by my eyes I guess I believe in my lies I still love you and perhaps always will even if you … Continue reading Bad Poetry Friday

Mortification Monday

Tuesday, June 27th Dear Diary, Camp is a positive experience. I enjoy it. I have met great guys and nice people. Plus I've grown closer 2 the Lord. My cabin is cool. I like a guy named Nick. He's tall, blue eyed and freckled. He is at my table and really sweet. I'm friends with … Continue reading Mortification Monday

Bad Poetry Friday

Untitled (2/16/03) Liz Phair never said anything about him Instead her songs eluded to what my thoughts were exactly   Anne Sexton was an infamous mistress she washed off like watercolor   Sometimes I think he is the grime on my car three weeks thick that the rain can't erase   Song lyrics and lines … Continue reading Bad Poetry Friday

Throwback Thursday

Fun fact: in college I was a DJ. Think Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect only not as cute or talented (singing) and the station was basically an converted closet. But I got to host my own shows (Top 21 Countdown, Breakfast Blend Morning Show, Local Music Meltdown, and my longstanding show The Angry Girl Syndrome … Continue reading Throwback Thursday