About Danielle

Danielle wears many (baseball) hats. By day she is a teen librarian north of Seattle, by night she is an amateur cook, and by sunrise she is a YA writer of gritty and witty stories set in the humid hell of Central Florida.

Danielle spent her formative years in the Tampa Bay Area driving into neighborhood signs, breaking curfew, and writing bad poetry (some of which can be seen on the blog) before moving to Boston to become a librarian. She now hangs her Tampa Bay Rays hat in Seattle.

Danielle is also a rabid avid baseball fan, lazy gardener, occasional swimmer, and voracious reader. Sleeping iCaya51mUUAA51Nis her superpower. When not doing any of the above, Danielle is chasing around her badly behaved dogs Lola and Mae West and her tiny toddler tornado, BB.

Before devoting her professional life to writing and reading and libraries, Danielle worked as a secretary, florist assistant, camp counselor, college radio DJ and station manager, bookseller, house cleaner, blogger, and travel writer. She was previously the Seattle Books Examiner for Examiner.com and is a current contributor to Preemie Babies 101, the official blog for Hand to Hold).

Her first YA novel, SECRET HEART was published on October 11th, 2016


6 responses to “About Danielle

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  2. love the picture of your “assistants” looks like they didn’t like the book you gave them. and I love your blog. looking forward to reading more from you.


  3. Kimberly Williams Stultz

    Hi Danielle! It’s been a long time since Largo High. I stumbled across your blog and it’s awesome, so I just became your 600th blog follower. So glad you are pursuing writing since it is an obvious talent. I look forward to reading your entries 🙂 -Kimberly


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