Danielle wears many (baseball) hats. By day she is a teen librarian north of Seattle, by night she is the writer of gritty and witty stories set in the humid hell of Central Florida.

Danielle spent her formative years in the Tampa Bay Area driving into neighborhood signs, breaking curfew, and writing bad poetry before moving to Boston to become a librarian. She now hangs her Tampa Bay Rays hat in Seattle.

Danielle is also a rabid avid baseball fan, pizza lover, and voracious reader. Sleeping is her superpower.  Her favorite yoga pose is lying on the floor covered with a blanket. When not doing any of the above, Danielle is chasing around her tiny tornado, BB, who has inherited her bad decision-making and good storytelling genes.

BB and Danielle’s first book. 

Before devoting her professional life to writing and reading and libraries, Danielle worked as a secretary, writing tutor, florist assistant, Lutheran camp counselor, college radio DJ and station manager, bookseller, house cleaner, blogger, and travel writer. She is a current contributor to the official blog for the Hand to Hold Organization. Her short stories and essays can be found in Cleaver Magazine, The Dime Show Review, Creative Truth Journal , 200cc’s, Pinch Journal, The Offbeat, and Fiction Fix.

Her first YA novel, Secret Heart was published in 2016. She is the author of the books Tourism for Broken Hearts, The Ten Fantastic Fails of Rory O’LearyBad at Love, and Reckless Night You Won’t Regret.

Find Danielle’s books at your local independent bookstore or on Amazon.


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