Bad Poetry Friday

Untitled (July 1999) It was a rainy Monday when you told me the news I was hurt I was confused :Things aren't working out" I said, "Is there someone else?" You didn't answer just looked away Funny how I knew the truth anyway I must have been blind I must have been deaf I didn't … Continue reading Bad Poetry Friday

Breaking news

I've got a piece called "Ready Set Go" on dealing with rejection over at Literary Rejections today. It's a great website for aspiring writers who need inspiration/encouragement/ advice.I even share a rejection from the first novel I ever tried to submit, a rejection I never shared with anyone before because I was embarrassed by it (because it was true).

Writing life: On dealing with rejection part 1

"Your success is directly proportional to your ability to handle rejection," (from the panel at the SCBWI Conference, NY 2012). Writing is not easy. Or always fun. It is not all sunshine and rainbows and instant bestsellers. There's a lot of blood, sweat and tears that goes into it. Sometimes those injuries come from a … Continue reading Writing life: On dealing with rejection part 1