Mortification Monday (three days late)

July 21, I hate parents. Or at least mine. No one tels me anything. I'm in a foul mood today. It all started with my sister not going to Learningwell with my dad. She is a super brat. I mean it. The rain hasn't made my mood any better. We had to drive super brat … Continue reading Mortification Monday (three days late)

Pop-up libraries

Recently, a new free public library popped up in my North Seattle neighborhood. No, it wasn't a new branch for Seattle Public Library (though it is mere blocks from the Greenwood Branch). It was a Little Free Library.   Mae West, Lola, Waffle and I discovered it on a dog walk last week. Of course … Continue reading Pop-up libraries

Don’t let the dog eat the book

Fact: In the span of four months, my dogs ate over $200 in library books . I cannot make this up. ¬†As ¬†librarian, it's pretty¬†embarrassing to have to go to work and admit that your dogs ate your library books. As a friend, it's pretty shameful. No one wants to lend me books because my … Continue reading Don’t let the dog eat the book