Don’t let the dog eat the book

Fact: In the span of four months, my dogs ate over $200 in library books .

I cannot make this up.  As  librarian, it’s pretty embarrassing to have to go to work and admit that your dogs ate your library books. As a friend, it’s pretty shameful. No one wants to lend me books because my crazy bitches (correct term, though they are witchy, too) might eat them.

You know the new car smell? My dogs love the scent of new books. The only non new book thew ate was Dog Training for Dummies. I bet you can guess why.

A few of the titles they have consumed:


Wolf Hall

Dog Training for Dummies

Stop Getting Ripped Off

For some reason, they ignore the books on the bookcase, but books on coffee tables, nightstands, the dining room table, and the windowsill are all FAIR GAME.

What? We found this like this. Mae West (l), Lola (r)

I shouldn’t complain. They are good at shredding documents, god-awful writing, rejection letters, and anything else you give them. And they like to hang out in my office and sleep while I write as opposed to destroying things like books, bras, and eye masks.

And they think everything I write is a goldmine.

I can’t be the only one with dogs who snack on books. Tell me, what have your dogs eaten today?

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