Rejection Playlist Volume 2, Track 2 (B) “Jumper”

To keep up with the '90's theme, I thought I'd throw a Third Eye Blind song into the Rejection playlist. In fact, this might turn into an all '90's themed Rejection Playlist, because you know, the mid-9o's was full of "great" music. I kind of miss it and the awesomely bad videos. And well he's … Continue reading Rejection Playlist Volume 2, Track 2 (B) “Jumper”

Bad Poetry Friday

He Said c 1994   He said he'd call me but he never did He said hello but never meant a word He said forever but I guess he had other things on his mind He said he loved me but I guess he lied He said he missed me but didn't shed a tear … Continue reading Bad Poetry Friday

Mortification Monday

Today's Mortification Monday reveals several nerdy things about me, including vacation  church school and the fact I played clarinet. There's also details about a crush, and some rather judgmental thoughts about smokers. But at least there's no nose picking.   Mortification Monday July 31 1994      

Rejection Playlist Volume 2, Track 2 (A) “Tubthumping”

I'd like to thank Emma Donoghue, author of Room, for reminding me of this gem of a song. Like many 90's one-hit-wonders I forgot that it existed. It's a pretty good song for life and being tenacious and resilient and all that bullshit if we're talking about theme here. Of course, Chumbawamba's hit was really about getting … Continue reading Rejection Playlist Volume 2, Track 2 (A) “Tubthumping”

Bad Poetry Friday

I'm Sorry c. 1994 You said you love me, I didn't care I saw you watching me I didn't stare You sent me roses I sent them back You tried to help me I turned my back You didn't get the picture that we'd never be I loved someone else and he loved me   … Continue reading Bad Poetry Friday

VALENTINE excerpt and backstory

In honor of Valentine's Day, I thought I'd share an excerpt from my (unpublished) novel VALENTINE, a YA contemporary that's pretty much 500 Days of Summer meets Law and Order. The pitch: How much of what you remember is true? This is the question eighteen-year old Claire asks herself while on the witness stand for … Continue reading VALENTINE excerpt and backstory

Mortification Monday (now in video)

As if sharing my middle school traumas with you wasn't enough, I've decided to go viral. Of course the post is quite possibly THE MOST MORTIFYING thing to happen to me at 13.     Tuesday, June 28th, 1994 Dear Diary, Have you ever felt so embarrassed that you want to just die? I finally felt it. … Continue reading Mortification Monday (now in video)

Rejection Playlist Volume 2, Track 1 “Another One Bites the Dust

Back in college/ grad school I would blast Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" after every job rejection or breakup and throw myself a dance party. Freddie Mercury always made me feel better. It's the quintessential rejection song, don't you think? Another one bites the dust There are plenty of ways you can hurt a man … Continue reading Rejection Playlist Volume 2, Track 1 “Another One Bites the Dust

Bad Poetry Friday

c. Summer 1994 Untitled Yesterday I saw you in a different light with a smile on your lips and kindness in your eyes I never knew you were this way For this reason I think I'll stay another day I can trust in you if you can trust in me We're made for each other. … Continue reading Bad Poetry Friday