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NaNoWriMo Wrap-Up

I was all set to post another track in the Rejection Playlist but then this happened late last night (10:04 p.m. to be exact)


This means I’ve now kicked NaNoWriMo’s ass for the fifth consecutive year.

The NaNoWriMo novel I wrote this year (The Summer That Nothing Happened) is shitty at best. But I know that at least 10-20% of it is actually fairy dust and from that fairy dust a new novel will reappear. At least that’s what happened with last year’s NaNoWriMo novel Secret Heart (formerly called Prom and Prejudice) which I completely rewrote from scratch February-April of this year after letting the bad draft marinate. Now Secret Heart is sitting in Super Agent Danielle’s hands and will go through it’s revision phase before looking for a new home for it.

This gives me hope that The Summer That Nothing Happened will turn from ugly duckling to swan sometime in 2014.

The end of NaNoWrimo means I can now focus on my actual life and do things like address Christmas cards and eat food that is not ramen noodles in a cup and spend time with my family and pets instead of hiding in The Writing Cave like a hermit. It also means I can play around with a shiny new MG idea and write short stories and decompress at the Naked Korean Spa.

But in the meantime, you can find me doing this:


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Bad Poetry Friday

Diamond isn’t Forever, Opal is Always There (2/9/1998)

The ring on her

third finger

was to proclaim

his love

Why couldn’t he

just send

a bouquet of


long stems

and cheap wine?


Notes: This was in response to a friend getting engaged at 16 (she was pregnant).

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Mortification Monday

May 23, 1995

Dear Diary,

I hate my sister. I hate her so much. She gets away with breaking the rules. I get yelled at. See tonight when she came home from her softball game she sat in front of the TV. The rule in our house is you bust bathe when you play a sport. She sat down anyway to watch a TV show that was half over. So I took a long time in the bathroom and used up all of the hot water. Plus she was on TV restriction but Dad forgot until it was too late. I was so upset I started crying. I was mad because I couldn’t watch TV on Sunday night and dad wouldn’t tape my show because I was on TV restriction but Karen got to anyway. 

Karen’s SB team ended up in third place . I love her team. There are so many cute girls who are nice. Sarah, a girl on the team looks up to me. We talk and were friends. She’s a sweet-sweet-sweet girl. There are others on the team who like me but she is my favorite. Guess what? I have Aaron’s number. He gave it to me. Not even Tiffany has it. Some of my friends have begun to shut me out of their lives, like Brinn. I’ve known her since Kindergarten and we’ve been the best of friends. Wow. She doesn’t even look at me. I don’t know why. G2G! M4L!

Love, Danielle


Notes: God I was boring.

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Rejection Playlist Volume 3, Track 8 “Bitter Rivals”

I’m pretty certain that this time around, NaNoWriMo is my arch nemesis, my bitter rival because she is kicking my ass to the curb. I’m locking myself in my writing cave this weekend and ignoring my massive pre-Thanksgiving to-do list and spreadsheet in the vain hope that I will catch up to the word count. There’s ten days left of this insanity, and if I make it out of this sh*tty novel alive, it will be a miracle.

In honor of my own bitter rival, I leave you with this new gem from Sleigh Bells


You are my bitter rival
But I need you for survival

It was the best of times
It was the worst of times
I had to kill the new sheriff in town
She was gonna try to keep me
You go-go down
You go-go down
In a dream you will never be down


I’m doing to kill this novel if I have to.


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Bad Poetry Friday

Death’s Bleak Foreshadow (2/9/1998)

The whisper of wind

through the barren trees

reminds me of death

The shadow washed over me

in a dream last night

when I was taken away

to tomorrow

and happiness was sorrow

like flowers on my grave

the sweet scent of roses

washed the pain away

and I woke to sunlight


Notes: Creepy, no? I might have been a little depressed.

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Mortification Monday

I know, I know, I know. It’s been weeks since my last Mortification Monday. What can I say? Mondays have not been kind to me  and then of course there is NaNoWriMo which might be killing me.

And because this Monday is especially mean, there will be no video.

May 22nd, 1995

Dear Diary,

Looking back, today was pretty cool. I got to miss half the school day to go on a boat trip. It was for all the kids who had honor roll all year. My sister is pretty neat. She has been nicer to me lately because I’ve been nice to her. She won her softball game tonight. I’m pretty good friends with Julie whose sister plays on my sisters team. She plays softball too, only on Morrow Tech (the red team). We played tag with little kids  and we talked. She’s nice. I know my sisters been reading this. I can’t stop her but if I can catch her she’ll get in trouble. Oh, this girl on her team has a really fine older brother but he is in high school and I’m only in middle school. It’s not that I like him, I just think he was cute. Mom’s pretty cool in her own way. Melissa and I are good friends. My science teacher is really nice. I messed up on one part of a science test and she let me retake that part. I went from a 64-F to a 90 B. Most of my teachers are nice and like me. I’ve had a better self-attitude lately maybe because I’m happy for who I am, not what I’m not. I smile in the mirror and have faith in myself. I have better grades, too. My sister is mean to the kitten but when the kitten get’s big she’ll hater her and like me.


Love, Danielle


We’ll, that was pretty boring and I totally glossed over the fact that we got a kitten.

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Bad Poetry Friday

Broken Promises (2/5/1998)

Broken promised

swept under the rug

along with dust bunnies

and things we’ve heard of

laughter used to be the best medicine

and cure

but after the sickness

I became a cynic

there is no cure

no help for anyone else

it’s all related to something else

I hadn’t heard of yet

I can’t forget

broken promises


Notes: This was a particularly bad one. I mean, I used “else” twice in a row? How unoriginal.

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Bad Poetry Wednesday


Hard to believe I was once naive

now I’m a cynic trapped inside

this body that is the wring size

I am inferior to myself

that is why my bones are hollow

and I spend hours inside my head

Notes: Judging by the fact that this was typed, I’d say it was written in late 1997.

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Rejection Playlist Volume 3, Track 7 “Lady Luck”

Ever since I heard Pickwick covering this Richard Swift song at a Neko Case concert I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. I feel like I need to spend some time with Lady Luck right now.


Lady luck, she is lovely
Lady luck, she is free
But I wish sometimes that lady luck
She would find some time to spend with me

Why do I worry?
Why do I fear?
It’s just the beginning
But I feel the end is near

I look around
And I don’t feel like myself
Tell me please, tell me please
Is it my mind or is it my health?

Lady luck, she is lovely
Lady luck, she is free
But I wish sometimes that lady luck
She would find some time to spend with me


Here is the awesome Pickwick version:

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Bad Poetry Friday

I found out through Facebook recently that an ex-boyfriend who I haven’t spoken to in about 13 years got married. I’m super happy for him. Coincidentally, today’s bad poem was written shortly after our breakup.

Fading Memory 

I cannot remember

the last word

I spoke

on the day

my heart

left the



I cannot remember

the feeling of



Notes: The terrible line breaks are back! I seriously had no rhythm.


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