Mortification Monday

I know, I know, I know. It’s been weeks since my last Mortification Monday. What can I say? Mondays have not been kind to me  and then of course there is NaNoWriMo which might be killing me.

And because this Monday is especially mean, there will be no video.

May 22nd, 1995

Dear Diary,

Looking back, today was pretty cool. I got to miss half the school day to go on a boat trip. It was for all the kids who had honor roll all year. My sister is pretty neat. She has been nicer to me lately because I’ve been nice to her. She won her softball game tonight. I’m pretty good friends with Julie whose sister plays on my sisters team. She plays softball too, only on Morrow Tech (the red team). We played tag with little kids  and we talked. She’s nice. I know my sisters been reading this. I can’t stop her but if I can catch her she’ll get in trouble. Oh, this girl on her team has a really fine older brother but he is in high school and I’m only in middle school. It’s not that I like him, I just think he was cute. Mom’s pretty cool in her own way. Melissa and I are good friends. My science teacher is really nice. I messed up on one part of a science test and she let me retake that part. I went from a 64-F to a 90 B. Most of my teachers are nice and like me. I’ve had a better self-attitude lately maybe because I’m happy for who I am, not what I’m not. I smile in the mirror and have faith in myself. I have better grades, too. My sister is mean to the kitten but when the kitten get’s big she’ll hater her and like me.


Love, Danielle


We’ll, that was pretty boring and I totally glossed over the fact that we got a kitten.

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