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Mortification Monday

Friday, August 18th, 1995

Dear Diary,

Last night’s entry was weird. For some reason I had to write that. Now I’m happy. I called Mari and we talked for 45 minutes. Then Jon called. Yes, my Jon of Raliegh, North Carolina called me. We talked for one hour and 20 minutes! I can’t believe he called. We talked about sports and school, friends, and everything else. He wrestles and makes pretty good grades. I love his voice! I am still in shock that he called! Thank God! I asked him why he hasn’t written and he said he had been at camp (they went rock climbing) and he had a picture taken in is waiting to have them developed but he remembered me. He remembered I love yellow roses. I’m going to give him a nickname when I think of one. He said I was the nicest person he’d met in awhile. He said he missed me. We talked about music. He likes Live, Green Day. I told him about Allison Krauss and our song being nominated for CMA awards. 

I had swim team practice today. We were timed in the 100 and two 500’s. I was the slowest out of everyone. I felt bad. Swimming isn’t my sport. Maybe softball is. Who knows? Guess what? David Justice hit his 17th homerun tonight. I was so happy. My sister babysat Josh today while I was at swimming. I babysit him tomorrow from 2-11. Last night I had another Largo orientation. It was BORING!

Love, Danielle

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Bad Poetry Friday

Mistake (c. 1997?)

Wildflowers bring back

floral memories

of the mountains

when I was 16

and naive

oblivious to everyone but him

How sweet it was falling

like the morning rain

on the roof

that tingling sensation of love

too often we fall for things we can’t have

too often we need what we don’t get

but leaving is easy

the hardest part

is learning to forget

the smell

the taste

the feel

of love

the look

the sounds

of love

the want

the news

of love

guitars and slow songs

tug at my heart strings

like a movie

it was a dream come true

the bitterness of it all

tastes so sweet

How could I be so naive

to believe in love?

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Mortification Monday

August 17th, 1995

Dear Diary,

I am so upset I could cry! It’s been 2 weeks and I haven’t gotten a response from Jon. Ashley wrote me on Tuesday and Val wrote me today. I babysat at the church nursery Tuesday night from 6:30-8:30. Gabrielle, Cody and Sidney were there. I had fun. I have 67 volunteer hours. Swimming has been fun. I missed it on Monday because I had a Largo  High Orientation. That was fun. I saw Mari and met and made some new friends including a guy named Ryan. He is cute and short and has an earring. But he is nice and I had to sit in his lap for a game thing we did. But he is sweet and that was good. There are some really fine guys at Largo. I saw where my classes would be. Mari and I walked around the school. Largo isn’t that big and it is neat. You can eat in the courtyard. On Tuesday I had practice. My coach wasn’t there, but the male helper person wa. He is cute. I’ll go into detail tomorrow about the rest of the week and swimming.

Right now I’m upset at Mommy and Daddy is mad at me. My life is a mess and a disappointment. I wish I could run away.



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Bad Poetry Friday

Words Like Stones c. 2/16/1998

You bruised me with your words

attacking my innermost affections

my reaction to your abuse

was the turn of my cheek

I am humbled by creation

I have innovation

and I want to be whole

You stare at me hard

envisioning a fight

I just take a deep breath

and turn out the light

you sleep on my pillow

steal the covers in your slumber

wrap your arms around me like a blanket

you smother me with love

taking away all of my hope

I need to be accepted

love like my mother

who gave her heart to him at the age of twenty

you can love me forever

like a sister

or a lover

and I’ll seek comfort in my dreams.


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Mortification Monday

Saturday, August 12th, 1995

Dear Journal,

I didn’t get any mail today. That got me down. As you can see I’m looking forward to a response from Jon and everyone else- the letters they write give me a sense of comfort. I don’t know if I’m honestly in love with Jon. I think I am. I hope I am, I wish I am. It must feel so awesome to fall in love. I hope I do fall in love with him. I wonder if he thinks of me?  I think of him. I have dreams about him. Just of seeing him and running into his arms or having him hold his arms and dance or even have him play his guitar and sing to me. I’m babysitting Travis tonight. He is adorable.  Right now he is in bed. I saw Jennifer A while Travis and I went for a walk. I can’t stand her. One, she competition in babysitting, the other is she is hard to get along with. I got  YM magazine. It is a magazine for teens. It is rad.




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Bad Poetry Friday

Love c.?

Love wasn’t patient

love wasn’t kind

love stuck a knife in this heart of mine

love was jealous

love was mean

love swung his fist and shattered my dreams

love didn’t believe

or endure

or trust

wihout love, I am dust

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