Mortification Monday

Saturday, August 12th, 1995

Dear Journal,

I didn’t get any mail today. That got me down. As you can see I’m looking forward to a response from Jon and everyone else- the letters they write give me a sense of comfort. I don’t know if I’m honestly in love with Jon. I think I am. I hope I am, I wish I am. It must feel so awesome to fall in love. I hope I do fall in love with him. I wonder if he thinks of me?  I think of him. I have dreams about him. Just of seeing him and running into his arms or having him hold his arms and dance or even have him play his guitar and sing to me. I’m babysitting Travis tonight. He is adorable.  Right now he is in bed. I saw Jennifer A while Travis and I went for a walk. I can’t stand her. One, she competition in babysitting, the other is she is hard to get along with. I got  YM magazine. It is a magazine for teens. It is rad.




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