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Bad Poetry Friday

Untitled (2/16/2000)

You remember me from my wilder days

when I danced all night on tables

and laughed really loud

You remember my nose ring,

camouflaged shorts and the

daisies in my hair

You remember me as independent

self-assured and happy

but that was before the depression

the countless hours spent hunched over

a toilet seat and weighed the world on my bathroom scale

You know me now as conservative

and careful

quiet and thoughtful

not daring to speak out

You say, “You’re nothing like you used to be.”

I grew up.

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Bad Poetry Friday

Not Even the Rain (c. 2000?)*

*In which I blatantly rip off Jewel songs

It’s days like these that remind me of you

I read Barry like we used to do

laughing at how insensitive he could be

I can almost feel your arms around me

sitting on the front porch

with our herbal tea

the sunlight on my back

the cool morning breeze

I look up

remember your smile

the cleft in your chin

how it drove me wild

But even the rain

can’t wash away  the pain

of my heartache

even the sun

can’t warm my soul

I lie in bed

with covers to my chin

nights are lonely without you

I get cold

the car sleeps on your pillow case

even he knows that this is no longer your place

nothing else can make me feel the same

not even the rain

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Bad Poetry Friday

Untitled (6/11/00)

I wish I could waste away again

to be be size zero

have my ribs poke through my skin

feel the plane of my belly

the mountains of my hip bones

to be tiny and fragile

I wish I didn’t carry around

the weight of the world

and hate myself everytime I looked at myself

I wish I could erase two years time

and 45 unwanted pounds

to be queen of the world again

even if only for a day.

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Bad Poetry Friday

Mistake (c. 1997?)

Wildflowers bring back

floral memories

of the mountains

when I was 16

and naive

oblivious to everyone but him

How sweet it was falling

like the morning rain

on the roof

that tingling sensation of love

too often we fall for things we can’t have

too often we need what we don’t get

but leaving is easy

the hardest part

is learning to forget

the smell

the taste

the feel

of love

the look

the sounds

of love

the want

the news

of love

guitars and slow songs

tug at my heart strings

like a movie

it was a dream come true

the bitterness of it all

tastes so sweet

How could I be so naive

to believe in love?

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Bad Poetry Friday

Words Like Stones c. 2/16/1998

You bruised me with your words

attacking my innermost affections

my reaction to your abuse

was the turn of my cheek

I am humbled by creation

I have innovation

and I want to be whole

You stare at me hard

envisioning a fight

I just take a deep breath

and turn out the light

you sleep on my pillow

steal the covers in your slumber

wrap your arms around me like a blanket

you smother me with love

taking away all of my hope

I need to be accepted

love like my mother

who gave her heart to him at the age of twenty

you can love me forever

like a sister

or a lover

and I’ll seek comfort in my dreams.


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Bad Poetry Friday

Love c.?

Love wasn’t patient

love wasn’t kind

love stuck a knife in this heart of mine

love was jealous

love was mean

love swung his fist and shattered my dreams

love didn’t believe

or endure

or trust

wihout love, I am dust

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Bad Poetry Friday

Briar Rose c. 1997?

Briar Rose you never wake

you hide in deep slumber

and when your Prince Charming came

you didn’t even roll over.


Sleeping Beauty your pills are a vice

you take valium with vodka and ice

amd dream pf darkness

that washes like the sea


You will never lose sleep over your beauty.



This was likely inspired by a Robin McKinley book.

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Bad Poetry Friday

Me c. June 1999

You cannot mold my body

I am the shape of my ansectors

I can bring any man to his knees

I am still a child

I wear my hair in a palm tree

I still take naps

I love adventures

I am a woman

I can dance until dawn

drive fast in expensive cars

and sleep with the enemy

I still have room to groq

don’t duge me in a glance

I change in a blink of an eye


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Bad Poetry Friday

Wishes c.12-28-1998 9:35 p.m.

I want him to look past

the size of my breasts

past the color and design

of ,y panty line

(or lack there of)

I want him to see the girl

behind the beautiful eyes

and uneasy smile

I want him to love me

the way I imagined he would

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Bad Poetry Friday

Deadly Obsession

Spring 1997


I promised you I’d quit

but why am I back to it?

Dying, crying, trying to stop

but I can’t.

My fingers are forced down my throat

I’m gagging and I start to choke

on my sobs

My skin is red

I’m so dizzy I don’t know

what I said

Just purging and purging for

the voice in my head

See that girl in the mirror

she looks different, maybe thinner

she looks like she losing

out to her dreams

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