Bad Poetry Friday

Not Even the Rain (c. 2000?)*

*In which I blatantly rip off Jewel songs

It’s days like these that remind me of you

I read Barry like we used to do

laughing at how insensitive he could be

I can almost feel your arms around me

sitting on the front porch

with our herbal tea

the sunlight on my back

the cool morning breeze

I look up

remember your smile

the cleft in your chin

how it drove me wild

But even the rain

can’t wash away  the pain

of my heartache

even the sun

can’t warm my soul

I lie in bed

with covers to my chin

nights are lonely without you

I get cold

the car sleeps on your pillow case

even he knows that this is no longer your place

nothing else can make me feel the same

not even the rain

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