Bad Poetry Friday

Untitled (August 26, 2000) His intellegence makes me speachless His touch makes my knees jello Funny how he had me with a simple, "Hello." He transformed me from girl to goddess with insight on politics and religion How can I express myself to this Greek God, this Einstein when every time he looks at me … Continue reading Bad Poetry Friday

Bad Poetry Friday

"A Hooker Returning to Her Corner" 2/17/1998 A long time goodbye happiness etched on a street corner wrapped around an empty soul to void the chill of deception rain on flesh rolling and fumbling sorrow is no longer sweet like honey seldom does she feel what she is being robbed of she once fell when … Continue reading Bad Poetry Friday

Mortification Monday

August 1, 1995 Dear Diary, Okay there's a hurricane (Erin) and it's going to hit the FL (the Tampa Bay area). I'm scared to death. I'm at Nana and Papa's. We'll have to evacute tomorrow. I'm so ┬átired so I'll write tomorrow.   Okay it's Wednesday. Erin is a tropical storm. It won't be going … Continue reading Mortification Monday

Tune in Tuesday: “All I Want” This new song by Dawn Golden has been a wrecking ball to my heart and I can't stop listening to it/ watching the video even though it makes me an tsunami of sad. It reminds me of a cross between old (and good Coldplay) and The National.