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Released October, 11th 2016  

ISBN (print) 978-0-9977659-1-5

ISBN (ebook) 978-0-9977659-0-8

Secret Heart (Oak Bluffs High Book 1) is a contemporary romantic comedy about two girls who are in love and at war. Order it  at your local independent bookstore or on Amazon.

“A gutsy, heartfelt, new twist on the Prom love story. You’ll root for Avery & Madison the whole way through.”- G.G. Silverman, author of Vegan Teenage Zombie Huntress

“A well-constructed…foray into the world of high school dating.”
“Well-rounded” “Believable”
For “…teen readers who enjoy romances”- Kirkus Review


Avery Jennings is a punk-rock guitarist with a secret weakness for rom-coms and Taylor Swift. Her band, Detonate the Gazelle is ready to move to Austin after graduation, but Avery is having second thoughts. She’s fallen hard for Madison Shea, student council president with a douchebag boyfriend, after their orbits collide at Oak Bluff High’s inaugural Gay-Straight Alliance meeting. Even though it goes against her rules about crushing on straight girls, Avery relentlessly pursues Madison. Their chemistry is too magnetic to deny and soon they are making out in car washes and school bathrooms and holding hands under tables.  Avery wants to take their relationship public but Madison is afraid of her conservative family’s reaction and that it’ll ruin her chances as Prom Queen. Their secret relationship is put to the ultimate test when student council vetoes a proposal for a gay-friendly prom and the club decides to throw a free Unprom the same night as Prom with Detonate the Gazelle as the headliner. If Unprom proves to be more popular than Prom, Madison will hold it against her and Avery will lose her shot at taking her relationship with Madison public. What started off as a love song may have just turned into a breakup ballad.

It’s a teenage Kissing Jessica Stein with a Dawson’s Creek vibe set to a soundtrack of Sleater-Kinney, Tegan and Sara, and Taylor Swift.

Proceeds from my book sales will go to the Gay Lesbian & Straight Education Network because all teens needs a safe space in school.



BAL cover 1Bad at Love (Oak Bluffs High Book  2) Available on Amazon

ISBN (print): 978-0-9977659-4-6 9.99

Lexi Hamilton is bad at love, but great at dispensing advice with her Magic 8 ball on her call-in radio show. She’s not the heartbreaker her classmates assume her to be. Ever since her mom died last spring, Lexi’s been quelling her grief by kissing strangers at parties and slinging soft serve at the Dairy Kurl. Senior year should be cake as long as her aunt’s cats don’t kill her and she keeps her frenemy Erin Burton from stealing her radio show.
When Oak Bluff High’s administration decides to sell the radio station, Lexi and her friends fight back. Lexi forms a temporary truce with Erin to help save the station. The more time they spend together, the more Lexi thinks about kissing Erin and less about how irritating she is, especially after Erin helps Lexi navigate the awkward reappearance of Lexi’s bio dad. If only the Magic 8 Ball could predict the fate of the station and of her heart.



Reckless Night You Won’t Regret (Oak Bluffs High Book 3) Out April 30th, 2019

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Allie has harbored a secret crush on her best friend, Siobhan, since freshman year. When Siobhan’s dumps her long-term girlfriend on graduation night, Allie thinks it’s a sign. Siobhan’s headed to Boston for a summer program the next day, and Allie has fourteen hours to tell Siobhan how she really feels. It’s bound to be a wild night that neither one of them will ever forget.