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(Late) Breaking News: I’ve Published Another Short Story

I recently returned from my South American vacation to news that one of my short stories, “Second Honeymoon” was being published in the May 2014 issue of DRIFTLESS REVIEW and was a finalist for thier flash fiction contest. I may not have won the cash money, but you can read all 750 words of “Second Honeymoon” here.

“Second Honeymoon” was inspired by a trip to a nude beach in Croatia that I took with my husband last May and a conversation we had about baring souls while baring bodies. Pro Tip: The best time to visit a nude beach is after drinking and in between downpours. Then you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing you and you can scratch “nude beach” off of your bucket list.

As it turns out, most of my short fiction is inspired by our travels and the weird-ass people we encounter. 

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March Madness, or That Time I Got an Agent

The long and the short of it is that I’m now represented by Danielle Chiotti at Upstart Crow.

I started March (well, January if I’m being honest) wanting to find one person who loved my little book about death row  as much as I did. What happened was two people loved it. I liked both agents a lot and had to make a tough choice. Saying no to someone sucks. There was happy crying and some shrieking when I got THE EMAIL from agent 1. There was panic and happy tears when I got THE CALL from agent 2. Then there was much ugly crying as I tried to figure out which agency would be the best fit.

I could have flipped a coin, but I hate gambling. I’ll leave that to my husband and the black jack tables on cruises ships. Instead I wrote out a list of pros and cons, talked to the agents, talked to their clients, read interviews and blog posts. I also asked numerous writing friends for advice, but they weren’t much of a help. They all told me to trust my gut. The problem was, my gut was too busy spazzing out to make any decisions. They told me to go with who I liked best. The problem was that both agents are AMAZEBALLS. So I went to the naked Korean spa in town and floated my way into a decision (*note, from now on I’m making all my decisions at the naked Korean spa).

In the end I went with the agency that also reps a writing friend. Also, besides sharing the same name, Danielle and I also had similar visions for my book and impending fame.

So March was a madcap month of revisions and offers of representation and choices. And I would do it all over again, though this time with less ugly crying.

And now that the contract’s been signed I can do this:

and this:

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Breaking news

I’ve got a piece called “Ready Set Go” on dealing with rejection over at Literary Rejections today. It’s a great website for aspiring writers who need inspiration/encouragement/ advice.

I even share a rejection from the first novel I ever tried to submit, a rejection I never shared with anyone before because I was embarrassed by it (because it was true).

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Breaking News: This is No Longer the Expensive Hobby I Feared It Was

So I have a bit of good news to share. I’ve been sitting on it for quite a few weeks months, yet telling everyone I know about it.

I can no longer consider writing to be an expensive hobby that was draining both my soul and my bank account, because  as of this week, someone has paid me to publish a little short story of mine.


This is not my first paid writing piece, just my first paid YA fiction piece. Once upon a time, or a million years ago I had a short-lived career as a travel writer.  Years before that I had an adult flash fiction story, “Stalking Mr. Right,” published in Fiction Fixbut that was for glory, not for cash.

But I digress.

Back in August my young adult short story “The End of Them” was accepted to be published in the University of Washington literary journal, Stratus. Well, it’s finally been published.

I don’t expect anyone to buy it, but you can read it free here. My story is on page 25. The rest of work in the journal is pretty awesome too.

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