(Late) Breaking News: I’ve Published Another Short Story

I recently returned from my South American vacation to news that one of my short stories, “Second Honeymoon” was being published in the May 2014 issue of DRIFTLESS REVIEW and was a finalist for thier flash fiction contest. I may not have won the cash money, but you can read all 750 words of “Second Honeymoon” here.

“Second Honeymoon” was inspired by a trip to a nude beach in Croatia that I took with my husband last May and a conversation we had about baring souls while baring bodies. Pro Tip: The best time to visit a nude beach is after drinking and in between downpours. Then you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing you and you can scratch “nude beach” off of your bucket list.

As it turns out, most of my short fiction is inspired by our travels and the weird-ass people we encounter. 

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