Bad Poetry Friday

Untitled (July 1999) It was a rainy Monday when you told me the news I was hurt I was confused :Things aren't working out" I said, "Is there someone else?" You didn't answer just looked away Funny how I knew the truth anyway I must have been blind I must have been deaf I didn't … Continue reading Bad Poetry Friday

Boston on my Mind

The bombings at the Boston Marathon yesterday broke my heart. That was my home. That was my job. That was my race. I wasn't there yesterday, but my author friend Carrie Jones was. I couldn't watch the news last night, the videos were too much. I went mostly silent on social media. I made mashed potatoes … Continue reading Boston on my Mind

Rejection Playlist Volume 2, Track 8 “Everybody Hurts”

Rejection is a huge part of being a writer. Most of the time, it's other people telling you no: your critique group, contests, agents and editors. But sometimes, you have to be the one to say it and it sucks. Saying no to someone sucks even worse that being rejected (at least for me). Sometimes … Continue reading Rejection Playlist Volume 2, Track 8 “Everybody Hurts”

Bad Poetry Friday

The following poem "Comforting Words" makes an appearance in my manuscript Valentine, which was inspired by an attempted murder I witnessed in high school, Valentines Day 1998.   Comforting Words c. 2/1998 Forget tonight, the detective said as memories danced inside my head It’s okay, my mom spoke but I still see all of the smoke … Continue reading Bad Poetry Friday

Mortification Monday (three days late)

July 21, I hate parents. Or at least mine. No one tels me anything. I'm in a foul mood today. It all started with my sister not going to Learningwell with my dad. She is a super brat. I mean it. The rain hasn't made my mood any better. We had to drive super brat … Continue reading Mortification Monday (three days late)

Mortification Monday

July 18th, 1993 Dear Diary, This morning when I awoke I realized that never again would my dog, Baron, wake me up with his wet nose or would lay on the floor next to my bed during storms. It's good to remember the past. But nothing will change the fact that I miss him. We're … Continue reading Mortification Monday

Mortification Monday

Warning! This is a sad one. July 17, 1993 Dear Diary, It started off as any day except no writer's camp. I stayed home. Mu mom had been up with my dog all night. He was having problems. My mom called the vet and made an appointment. I let my dog Baron outside for a … Continue reading Mortification Monday