Mortification Monday

Warning! This is a sad one.

July 17, 1993

Dear Diary,

It started off as any day except no writer’s camp. I stayed home. Mu mom had been up with my dog all night. He was having problems. My mom called the vet and made an appointment. I let my dog Baron outside for a few minutes every hour. Or at least tried. After two hours he wouldn’t move. I worried, panicked, and was upset. My mom came home shortly and then took him to the vet. When they got back my mom was crying and Baron was limping really bad. My mother sat me down and explained what was wrong. Baron was going to die. He had bone cancer. I cried as we dragged an old sheet and fed him cookies. I cried in his fur and hugged him. Nothing I did would prepare me for what was gonna happen. 

My mom called my dad at work and asked him to pick up my sister. They came home at almost 4. I spent time with Baron until they came home. My dad and sister came home. When my mom broke the news to my sister, she started crying, So did my dad. She wanted to know who would share a birthday with her and play with her. Tears streamed down my face. We took pictures and said our goodbyes. My parents drove to the vet with baron. It was different without him. This morning my mom called the vet. Baron had passed on.

Love, Danielle

July 18, 1993

Dear Diary,

This morning when I awoke I realized that never again would my dog Baron wake me up with his wet nose or lay on the floor next to my bed during storms. It’s good to remember the past but nothing will change the fact that I miss him. We’re gonna get a puppy sometime. No other dog will ever be like him. I loved him. I still do. There’s a hole in my heart where he was. I cried myself to sleep last night. We are in our van for our spur of the moment trip to Jacksonville, FL. My dad’s idea. Had fun. Shopped.




Baron was a German Shepherd. He was an amazing dog. I named him after my grandmother’s German Shepherd, Baron, when I was three.

Me, age 7ish with Baron
Me, age 7ish with Baron

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