Inspiration Playlist Volume 1, Track 8 “Beast and Dragon, Adored”

Today’s inspirational track comes from the band Spoon, off their appropriately titled album Gimme Fiction.When I listen to “Beast and Dragon, Adored,” I am reminded about what it’s like to return to my WIP after I’ve been away for awhile. I opted to take the last half of December off writing to let my story marinate for awhile. I’m anxious to return my characters, but in the meantime I’ll be rocking out to this track.

the beast and dragon, adored
you been gone so long
where you been for so long
I went to places unknown
rented a room
and i forgot my pen
shook my twin
and I had to find the feelin again

now all I need is a crew
one that can act as if
one that can slay on cue
and sneeze and sniff
uh-huh alright
I’m going back to the water
been landlocked too long

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