Bad Poetry Friday

Note: this is a blatant rip off of Elizabeth Bartlett’s “Charlotte, her book” but I still love this one to pieces.


Untitled (1996)

My  name is Danielle sometimes people

call me Char or Danielle or Danny

depending on whom I’m with

and once at camp I showed everyone my fanny


I eat half-cold suppers

and one or two percent cow juice

I’m always in a hurry, I forget

things and expensive stuff I lose


I run on a cross country team

and play girls softball

I daydream in right field and

my favorite time of year is fall


I’m cold all the time and people

yell in my ears. death I fear

I’m sad a lot and depressed

and at night I fall asleep to my tears


I wish a great many things

that never will come true

my name is Danielle, you can

call me stupid and hate my shoes

cause one day Danielle will be gone

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