WTF? Wednesday (Guest Post)

In honor of my birthday (yesterday), my critique partner and writing comrade LK is contributing to the collective mortification of this blog. LK writes, "In honor of your birthday week, here is an embarrassing poem I wrotein high school, when I lived in France, about my pseudo-boyfriend, for your blog (stream of consciousness was my JAM): … Continue reading WTF? Wednesday (Guest Post)

Mortification Monday

Sunday, June 26th, 1994 Dear Diary, I'm back. I stopped writing for awhile because I found an old journal and I fixed my diary. I'm writing in here because I need a lot of space to express my feelings. I wish I had my own room! And my own bathroom. I could finally have some … Continue reading Mortification Monday

Bad Poetry Friday

Friend (c. 1993) I had a friend she was my best she was like a sister she understood me she knew me well and I loved her. I had a friend we laughed we cried I talked to her she always listened we never fought she got me out of trouble and I loved her … Continue reading Bad Poetry Friday

Mortification Monday

August 6th, 1993   Dear Diary, If you described me, you'd describe me as 4'9, 75 lbs, blond, blue-green eyes, 7th grader, likes exercising, reading, writing, cleanness, horses, every animal, country music, Garth Brooks, weather, baseball, and Braves. Dislikes hockey, football, messes, sharing rooms, slobs, washing dishes, red meat, Brussel sprouts, mean teachers, jocks, and snobs. TV … Continue reading Mortification Monday

Bad Poetry Friday

In Love Again (c 1993) She swore she'd never love again but she's falling for him she doesn't want to take the chance of getting hurt being used and treated like dirt she doesn't want to get close enough to feel the feelings that are real she doesn't want to hold or touch she's been … Continue reading Bad Poetry Friday

Mortification Monday (three days late)

July 21, I hate parents. Or at least mine. No one tels me anything. I'm in a foul mood today. It all started with my sister not going to Learningwell with my dad. She is a super brat. I mean it. The rain hasn't made my mood any better. We had to drive super brat … Continue reading Mortification Monday (three days late)

Inspiration Playlist Volume 1, Track 10 “Nothing But Time”

Cat Power's album Sun might be the best album to write to at the moment. It's as introspective as ever and the song "Manhattan" is haunting. I've had the album on repeat for days which is how I fell in love with the song "Nothing But Time." It doesn't hurt that Iggy Pop provides some backing … Continue reading Inspiration Playlist Volume 1, Track 10 “Nothing But Time”

Bad Poetry Friday

Untitled (c. 1993) When you hugged me you held me a little too close You smiled at me and I looked into your eyes I wanted to hold you and kiss you tenderly I tried to get you to notice me The me inside I wanted you to look into my heart and see that … Continue reading Bad Poetry Friday

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award begins next week

This is a PSA for all of the aspiring YA and adult writers out their on the interwebs. Mark your calendars, the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA) begins next Monday, January 14th.  If you've got a 50k-150k word novel on your hard drive (perhaps from NaNoWriMo?) this might be your ticket. You'd be a fool not … Continue reading Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award begins next week

Mortification Monday

July 18th, 1993 Dear Diary, This morning when I awoke I realized that never again would my dog, Baron, wake me up with his wet nose or would lay on the floor next to my bed during storms. It's good to remember the past. But nothing will change the fact that I miss him. We're … Continue reading Mortification Monday