Mortification Monday

August 6th, 1993


Dear Diary,

If you described me, you’d describe me as 4’9, 75 lbs, blond, blue-green eyes, 7th grader, likes exercising, reading, writing, cleanness, horses, every animal, country music, Garth Brooks, weather, baseball, and Braves. Dislikes hockey, football, messes, sharing rooms, slobs, washing dishes, red meat, Brussel sprouts, mean teachers, jocks, and snobs. TV shows I like: Saved By the Bell, All My Children, Full House, and Step By Step. That’s all.





Notes: Amazingly enough most of this is still true. I’m taller and heavier. I still like reading, writing, baseball, and cleanliness and Saved by the Bell reruns. I still hate washing dishes and football.  I’m no longer into horses or country music or Garth Brooks or soap operas and now a meal of Brussel spouts and steak sounds like heaven to me.


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