Bad Poetry Friday

Untitled, c. 1998 You treat me like a queen I act senseless and mean You laugh at my jokes I long for a smoke You write me love letters, inscribing your desires I stand back and set your words on fire Notes: This terrible poem can actually be found in the first draft of my current … Continue reading Bad Poetry Friday

Rejection Playlist Volume 3, Track 3: “Strange Days”

I've been listening to a lot of We Are Augustines lately. Their songs fit seamlessly into the scenes I'm writing for Valentine and the music blends nicely for the rainy weather that has settled back over for Seattle (time to break out the Bourbon and start a fire in the fireplace and throw some beef stew … Continue reading Rejection Playlist Volume 3, Track 3: “Strange Days”

WIP seeking Playlist

I've hit a wall. For reals. No one said writing is easy, even when you have the coolest idea. Sometime you have the words but not the mojo. In my case my Muse is music, and for this particular WIP the soundtrack has zero songs which means I have a helluva time jumping into it … Continue reading WIP seeking Playlist

VALENTINE excerpt and backstory

In honor of Valentine's Day, I thought I'd share an excerpt from my (unpublished) novel VALENTINE, a YA contemporary that's pretty much 500 Days of Summer meets Law and Order. The pitch: How much of what you remember is true? This is the question eighteen-year old Claire asks herself while on the witness stand for … Continue reading VALENTINE excerpt and backstory

Bad Poetry Friday

The following poem "Comforting Words" makes an appearance in my manuscript Valentine, which was inspired by an attempted murder I witnessed in high school, Valentines Day 1998.   Comforting Words c. 2/1998 Forget tonight, the detective said as memories danced inside my head It’s okay, my mom spoke but I still see all of the smoke … Continue reading Bad Poetry Friday