WIP seeking Playlist

I’ve hit a wall.

For reals.

No one said writing is easy, even when you have the coolest idea. Sometime you have the words but not the mojo. In my case my Muse is music, and for this particular WIP the soundtrack has zero songs which means I have a helluva time jumping into it from scratch. Mostly it’s just letting my iTunes DJ spin tracks while staring at a blank screen (or Twitter). I’m hoping that will change. Soon. Otherwise I might starting hitting things other than walls.

I’m jealous of all the people out there who can write without music, who feed off the silence or off the dull roar of coffee shop conversations. That is not me. I need to nearly blow out my eardrums with bad pop music to get words on the page. LETHAL has an amazing soundtrack. SECRET HEART’S playlist is pretty awesome, too. But VALENTINE? Totally tone deaf.

Please send me your music suggestions. It can be Top 40. It can be Indie. It can be your boyfriend’s brother’s middle school teacher’s polka band. You never know where inspiration will come from. A new song might be the ticket out of Writer’s Block.

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