Rejection Playlist Volume 3, Track 3: “Strange Days”

I’ve been listening to a lot of We Are Augustines lately. Their songs fit seamlessly into the scenes I’m writing for Valentine and the music blends nicely for the rainy weather that has settled back over for Seattle (time to break out the Bourbon and start a fire in the fireplace and throw some beef stew into the slow cooker). Their songs just sound like how the end of September feels in the Pacific Northwest.

The track “Strange Days,” has a strange pull on me right now.


Put up a fight
Like a ghost ship in the night
Count to 2 count to 3!
And fade away

Went overboard
Said curses to the lord
Count to 4 count to 5!
And sink a ways

You hate yourself
Put the bottle on the shelf
Count to 7 count to 8!
And weep that way

Broken heart
Touching strangers in the dark
Count to 9 count to 10!
And drink all day

The days seem so strange
From my windowpane

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