Mortification Monday

It’s still Monday over here on the West Coast, so there’s still time for a late edition of Mortification Monday.


Monday, the 15th of May, 1995

Dear Diary,

I had a softball game tonight. We won but we didn’t play well. Last week was a good game. I had my first double play. I was so happy. Yesterday great grandma and grandpa came over. They annoy me but there’s nothing I can do about it. Mom and dad yell a lot. Maybe that’s where I get my bad temper from. Like tonight mom didn’t shut the door to the garage tight and the dog and the cat were  in there when dad came home with us. And he was yelling that bugs and a snake were probably in the house. My parents don’t understand how stressed out I get. I’m stressed because I have all these big tests and I need to make straight A’s. They don’t know about what goes on in school. I hurt inside when my teachers, friends, and classmates make jokes or talk about me. They don’t know / how it hurts when they yell, fight and brag/ say things like “Your sister slid home and was safe” or “Your sister won the science fair and got an Exemplary at Districts” or “You should be able to do this math or these chores.” Basically I have n o social life. There are no guys who would call me okay or be friendly with me. I don’t have the looks to make a guy turn his head or smile. Maybe at Lutheridge  I can make a pretend life- new name. Make people like me.


Love, Danielle

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