My 2013 Writing Resolutions

Happy New Year and welcome to 2013!

I love the beginnings of things, especially January. I love to make lists of things I want to accomplish (and change) and then not follow through because I got too damn lazy.

But that’s not gonna happen this year. This year I’m sharing my goals/ resolutions with the world to help hold myself accountable.


1. Write every day. For reals. It does not have to be your WIP, but a journal, a short story, or even a letter. You just need to put a pen to paper or finger to keyboard to keep on track.

2Stop comparing other writer’s successes with my failures (or successes). Because this doesn’t need to be explained.

3. Practice healthy writing habits. Do yoga. Go for walks. Hula Hoop during brainstorming sessions. Ban cookies from the writing cave.

4Say only nice things. Because you need to make a better effort to be positive. This is not to sayyou won’t think really snarky things, you just won’t say them (out loud).

5. Write two new short stories and send out for publication. Because you fell in love with flash fiction years ago, and after a long hiatus, you wrote your first short story in years last spring and by fall it was published. That needs to happen again.

6. Enter contests. Because you’ve got nothing to lose, except maybe a few bucks.

7. Do NaNoWriMo again in November. Because it works.

8. Work on only one project at a time. Because more than one is killing your brain.


What are your writing resolutions?

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