Mortification Monday

Friday, August 18th, 1995

Dear Diary,

Last night’s entry was weird. For some reason I had to write that. Now I’m happy. I called Mari and we talked for 45 minutes. Then Jon called. Yes, my Jon of Raliegh, North Carolina called me. We talked for one hour and 20 minutes! I can’t believe he called. We talked about sports and school, friends, and everything else. He wrestles and makes pretty good grades. I love his voice! I am still in shock that he called! Thank God! I asked him why he hasn’t written and he said he had been at camp (they went rock climbing) and he had a picture taken in is waiting to have them developed but he remembered me. He remembered I love yellow roses. I’m going to give him a nickname when I think of one. He said I was the nicest person he’d met in awhile. He said he missed me. We talked about music. He likes Live, Green Day. I told him about Allison Krauss and our song being nominated for CMA awards. 

I had swim team practice today. We were timed in the 100 and two 500’s. I was the slowest out of everyone. I felt bad. Swimming isn’t my sport. Maybe softball is. Who knows? Guess what? David Justice hit his 17th homerun tonight. I was so happy. My sister babysat Josh today while I was at swimming. I babysit him tomorrow from 2-11. Last night I had another Largo orientation. It was BORING!

Love, Danielle

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