Happy Birthday to Bad at Love (and me!)

The wait is over!

Bad at Love (Oak Bluffs High Book 2) BAL cover 1is out today in ebook format (paperback next week).

Lexi Hamilton is bad at love, but great at dispensing advice with her Magic 8 ball on her call-in radio show. She’s not the heartbreaker her classmates assume her to be. Ever since her mom died last spring, Lexi’s been quelling her grief by kissing strangers at parties and slinging soft serve at the Dairy Kurl. Senior year should be cake as long as her aunt’s cats don’t kill her and she keeps her frenemy, Erin Burton, from stealing her radio show.

When Oak Bluff High’s administration decides to sell the radio station, Lexi and her friends fight back. Lexi forms a temporary truce with Erin to help save the station. The more time they spend together, the more Lexi thinks about kissing Erin and less about how irritating she is, especially after Erin helps Lexi navigate the awkward reappearance of Lexi’s bio dad, a Hollywood actor with an agenda. If only the Magic 8 Ball could predict the fate of the station and of her heart. Bad at Love includes appearances by Lion Pride members, Scott, Avery, and Allie.


Bad at Love has rattled around my brain for years and was an incredibly fun book to write. During my college years at University of North Florida in Jacksonville, I worked as a DJ and a station manager for WOSP, our campus radio station. I was a mediocre DJ, but that station and the friends I made there made my college experience. WOSP was where I discovered artists like Ani Difranco and Tegan and Sara and how I honed my incredible mix-tape skills. Don’t believe me? Check out the end pages of Bad at Love  where I include Lexi’s Playlist.

And if you want to see an awesome school radio station from Seattle in action, check out C89.5 from Nathan Hale High School.

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