Bad Poetry Friday

Broken Promises (2/5/1998)

Broken promised

swept under the rug

along with dust bunnies

and things we’ve heard of

laughter used to be the best medicine

and cure

but after the sickness

I became a cynic

there is no cure

no help for anyone else

it’s all related to something else

I hadn’t heard of yet

I can’t forget

broken promises


Notes: This was a particularly bad one. I mean, I used “else” twice in a row? How unoriginal.

One thought on “Bad Poetry Friday

  1. Haha! I love it…”along with dust bunnies”
    –and I think poetry cannot be judged unless it’s my own. Damn, I totally forgot I was going to post something. I’m gonna find something real good and bad and add it to the comments early this week–don’t let me forget! : )


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