Mortification Monday (now in video)

As if sharing my middle school traumas with you wasn’t enough, I’ve decided to go viral. Of course the post is quite possibly THE MOST MORTIFYING thing to happen to me at 13.



Tuesday, June 28th, 1994

Dear Diary,

Have you ever felt so embarrassed that you want to just die? I finally felt it. Today in summer school during P.E. I guess I was picking my nose and these girls I don’t like saw it and started spreading rumors about me, like I pick my nose and eat it. I told my friends I was scratching my nose and that those girls were trying to make me feel bad. I don’t care if they tell the whole world. It doesn’t bother me. Hopefully they will forget about it.



Wednesday, June 29th

I was wrong. It bothers me. And they haven’t forgotten about it. Plus they are a pain in the butt.


Please tell me that I wasn’t the only 13 year old to pick their nose.

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