Mortification Monday


Dear Diary,

I’d give anything and everything to fall in love. If it meant to have someone hold my hand, stand up for me, make me feel special and happy, yes, I’d give anything and everything to fall in love. Face it, all my other relationships sucked. I mean I dumped John C. and was dumped by Kyle. I don’t even talk, look, smile at them. Not long to Christmas and my 13th birthday! Mrs. D. is leaving for 3 weeks. Having surgery. If only someone would fall in love with me I’d be happy. Let it be Shorty or Bigmouth or Mark L or a sixth grader- anyone! I don’t care if they are ugly. My sister is a spoiled Brat with a BITCHY attitude. I’m reading Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. A depressing book for someone who is depressed.



Thoughts on the entry above:

1) Apparently John C. did accept my offer to “go out,” though who knows how long we actually “dated.”
2) I have no idea who Shorty and Bigmouth were. Those are terrible nicknames.
3) Clearly I was depressed and desperate. And a wee bot distraught.
4) I don’t know who Mrs. D was or what she taught.
5) For the record, my sister was not spoiled or a bitch. I think I was the witch in this scenario.

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