Secret heart is on sale for .99!

Believe it or not, Secret Heart will be turning 1 year old on October 11th! I'm planning a much longer post about what I learned my first year as a published author, but in meantime, I'm popping by to say that Secret Heart is on sale at Amazon for only .99! I'm not sure when … Continue reading Secret heart is on sale for .99!

Cover Reveal: Secret Heart

Due to the chaotic life of self-publishing, I've had to push back my release of SECRET HEART until Tuesday, October 11th. It is actually perfect because it is also National Coming Out Day. After much work, the brilliant Alex Kahler has created a beautiful cover based on my description, "Something that looks like a Taylor … Continue reading Cover Reveal: Secret Heart

Breaking news: I’m self-publishing

After two years of being on submission and getting super close more times than I can count, I've decided to self-publish my YA romantic dramedy, SECRET HEART. SECRET HEART is a teenage KISSING JESSICA STEIN with a DAWSON'S CREEK vibe set to a soundtrack of Sleater-Kinney, Tegan and Sara and Taylor Swift. In fact, the … Continue reading Breaking news: I’m self-publishing

My Favorite Favorites of 2013

All month the interwebs have been aflutter with the best books of the year list. PW has one. So does EW. And of course there was #libfaves13 on Twitter. This got me thinking about the books I loved this year. So here goes (in no particular order) 1. Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown because sometimes … Continue reading My Favorite Favorites of 2013

“Stay Gold, Ponyboy”

Confession: Up until last week, I'd never read S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders.  I know that it's on practically every other high school summer reading list, but it never was on mine. I was too busy not reading Lord of the Flies and Sir Garwin and Jane Austen. But awhile back on a road trip with Husband and Waffle, we listened … Continue reading “Stay Gold, Ponyboy”

Wednesday Reads

I'm on vacation this week (Croatia if you're curious) and using my downtime to catch up on my reading which has fallen short as I finished up my Lethal edits.   What am I reading, you ask? I should warn you it's eclectic:   1. The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow by Rita Leganski 2. The Last Summer … Continue reading Wednesday Reads

12/12/12 or My 12 Favorite books of 2012

Today is 12/12/12. It's also the start of 12 days of books on Twitter ( #libfavs2012 #12daysofbooks). It seems like everyone has an end-of-the-year-list (librarians love lists). I'm going to cheat a little and give you the whole damn list at once in the event you still need a holiday or hostess gift or are in desperate need for something … Continue reading 12/12/12 or My 12 Favorite books of 2012

Books I Like Enough to Recommend

Despite the fact that the winter holidays are still like nine weeks away, my day job had me compile a list of  books that would make suitable gifts. It got me thinking about what I've been reading lately and how I've fallen into a reading slump. There's been things I loved like Hand Me Down … Continue reading Books I Like Enough to Recommend

Pop-up libraries

Recently, a new free public library popped up in my North Seattle neighborhood. No, it wasn't a new branch for Seattle Public Library (though it is mere blocks from the Greenwood Branch). It was a Little Free Library.   Mae West, Lola, Waffle and I discovered it on a dog walk last week. Of course … Continue reading Pop-up libraries