Mortification Monday

Tuesday, June 27th

Dear Diary,

Camp is a positive experience. I enjoy it. I have met great guys and nice people. Plus I’ve grown closer 2 the Lord. My cabin is cool. I like a guy named Nick. He’s tall, blue eyed and freckled. He is at my table and really sweet. I’m friends with Taylor, a nice guy. He’s a pal. No one can be as loyal as he is. He talks about his girlfriend every day. They love each other. I see my sister at meals. She looks like she is having fun. I know I am special and I have one special gift from God: that is my ongoing love to others. I care about them and respect them. 

We were hiking and creek walking 2 day. I had fun and the water was cold. It rained yesterday and early this morning. I awoke to falling rain and birds at 6:00. Almost half the week is over. I see Val a lot. She’ cool. So is my counselor. I can talk to her about everything.

Love, Danielle

Notes: What can I say? I really love camp.

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