Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

Fun fact: in college I was a DJ. Think Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect only not as cute or talented (singing) and the station was basically an converted closet. But I got to host my own shows (Top 21 Countdown, Breakfast Blend Morning Show, Local Music Meltdown, and my longstanding show The Angry Girl Syndrome that featured a 5 o’clock Ani [Difranco} block on Wednesdays). You could only listen to WOSP Osprey Radio at the University of North Florida via campus cable or the web. When I was 19, I was one of two female DJ’s at the station and the campus paper profiled me. I was known as DJ Danny D The shirt says “I Make All the Boys Cry.” By the time I graduated college I was the Station Manager. My radio sign-off was, “I’m Danny D and I’m done. Do your part to increase the peace, make love not war, I’m out the door. See ya.” And then I would end with Lisa Loeb’s “Waiting for Wednesday.”

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