Reflections and Resolutions

I can’t believe 2013 is almost over.

Actually I CAN believe it because I’m looking at a calendar and today is Tuesday, December 31st.

You know that saying that goes “The days are long but the years are short?” Somehow all of my days in 2013 seemed extra short.

It was a busy year as years go. I traveled to Florida, Alaska (via cruise), and to Vancouver, B.C, I spent nearly two weeks wearing a backpack and exploring the rain-soaked countries of Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, and Montenegro with the husband in May.

I got an agent

I wrote two full YA novels and 1/4 of another

I finished NaNoWriMo

I started a SEKRIT PROJECT and started thinking about another

I got my first check for selling a short story and I wrote something for LITERARY REJECTIONS

I also took a lot of unflattering photos

I tried to run a half marathon but was side-lined by platar faciitis

I ate a lot of pizza

I discovered Cards Against Humanity

I didn’t win the lottery

I read 230 books. Most of them were amazeballs. A few sucked balls

I went to ALA in Chicago

I didn’t quit my day job

I dyed my hair pink again in an effort to relive 2007

I took a lot of selfies with my dogs

More shit probably happened, but I can’t remember.

Which brings me to 2014.

I’m lousy with resolutions. I never keep them. This year I vow to do only two things in an effort to keep things simple:

1) Not be an asshat. This covers pretty much everything.

2) Stay healthy.

Of course there’s a ton of stuff I want to happen in 2014, and things I want to try. Maybe I have a picture book or MG novel in me. Maybe I’ll finally sell LETHAL or SECRET HEART or something else. Maybe I’ll write THREE books next year.

If 2014 brings me half of what 2013 did, and I stay healthy and not act like an asshat, I think things will be okay.

And with that I leave you with Camera Obscura’s “New Year’s Resolution”  which has the best opening lines of a song ever:

New year’s resolution – to write something of value
New year’s resolution – to write something would be fine

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