Mortification Monday (on Tuesday)

Better late than never, right?


May 28, 1995

Dear Diary,

My sister is such a pain! She lies and tries to get me in trouble. We’re at Grandma’s house . It is fun because she is nice , we get to go swimming, and I get to see my aunt and cousin. Last night I had to share a bed with my sister and she kicked  me hogged the covers, hogged the bed, then said I was doing all that stuff. I was woken up at 7:30 for breakfast but church doesn’t start until 10:30! This is the first time we have left the kitten over night. I really don’t like Grandma’s church/ It’s small and boring. I got a lot of sun yesterday. I wore my one piece. Last night I tried on my two piece and died. My stomach is whiter than a ghost and the rest of me is red/ tan. M/4/L/ G/2/G




Notes: This is hysterical mostly because I am a nerd and my bathing suit woes. It’s funny that my sister (who is 3 years younger) and I were so mean to each other. Once she was a freshman in high school we finally became friends. 

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