Mortification Monday

Tuesday, April 22   Dear Diary, Let me start w/Fri- I bragged to all my friends about the concert ad went to prayer group. Sat I had a softball game and helped Nana and Mom get the house ready for my confirmation. Friday night I had Confirmation rehearsal and dinner. Pastor gave me a light … Continue reading Mortification Monday

National Bad Poetry Day

In honor of National Bad Poetry Day, here is a gem of mine from 1999. Remembering (c. 1999) This was actually published in my high school literary journal. Looking back through the looking glass my reflection reminds me of my naivete but all was lost when I fell from the sky drunk on love high … Continue reading National Bad Poetry Day

WTF? Wednesday (Guest Post)

In honor of my birthday (yesterday), my critique partner and writing comrade LK is contributing to the collective mortification of this blog. LK writes, "In honor of your birthday week, here is an embarrassing poem I wrotein high school, when I lived in France, about my pseudo-boyfriend, for your blog (stream of consciousness was my JAM): … Continue reading WTF? Wednesday (Guest Post)