National Bad Poetry Day

In honor of National Bad Poetry Day, here is a gem of mine from 1999.

Remembering (c. 1999)

This was actually published in my high school literary journal.

Looking back through

the looking glass

my reflection reminds me

of my naivete

but all was lost when I

fell from the sky

drunk on love

high on life

and like all fallen angels

I made the mistake

a deadly choice

I lost my heart to the Ace of Hearts

funny how I fell apart

when he left me standing on the side

of the road

out of the clear blue sky

came my knight in his

black Prelude

whole stole my hear for a summer ride

love was the warm wind in my hair

the windows down and

the radio loud to 80’s

all happiness flew out the window

and I was broken

giving my heart to strangers

and trying to learn how to fly again.

then one night by chance

I met a prince

once again I was drunk on love

and smiled at my sun

and he held my hand

and healed my soul

with flowers and “I love you’s”

and midnight passion in parking lots

I became myself again

not letting go of him for

a second.


I clearly hadn’t mastered line breaks yet with this. Also, this is terrible and I manage to reference every boyfriend I had between junior and senior year of high school.

My favorite line is “midnight passion in parking lots” because where else was I going to go make-out?

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