Mortification Monday

Tuesday, April 22


Dear Diary,

Let me start w/Fri- I bragged to all my friends about the concert ad went to prayer group. Sat I had a softball game and helped Nana and Mom get the house ready for my confirmation. Friday night I had Confirmation rehearsal and dinner. Pastor gave me a light bulb (as a gag gift) becuz I need to see the light and the light isn’t on upstairs. Sun-my confirmation. All sorts of relatives came it was fun. As I stood at the alter couldn’t keep  a straight face and I was shaking. We had a party and I got $90, a ring, and earrings. On Monday I realized that I don’t like Aaron  xcept as a friend. I met this new guy Russel who’s really nice (7th grade) and has the bluest eyes. We’re friends. Jennifer wants us to get together but I don’t know if I like him. I had to give up a babysitting job for Travis on Sat nite becuz I’m going to Busch Gardens w/band.





Notes: I’m too distracted by the grammar and spelling crimes to comment on anything.

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