Mortification Monday

This entry is especially dorky.


Saturday, June 17th, 1995

Dear Diary,

Everyone has their own dreams; some choose to live them, while others let them live in their mind. I dream that one day I’ll have a loving husband and family. I’ll have happiness and a peace within myself. I want to run in the wind like a wild horse. I want to dance in the rain I want to feel, breathe, and be in love. I hope to experience the thrill of life, to live life to the fullest. Valerie wrote me. In one week I’ll be leaving for camp. I can’t wait. I hope I meet a guy and maybe fall in love with him. I can’t wait to see Valerie. I’ve already gotten my things together. I went to Nana and Papa’s house. I saw my Aunt and uncle and cousin. I swam.





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