Mortification Monday

June 22, 1995

I’m in a hurry packing my things for camp. Day Camp has been a blast. I’ve made new friends and I got to improve my writting* skills by working on the newspaper I thought it would be a major drag but it was awesome! I met this really nice counselor named Kara who works at LOMF and was at Day Camp. We became friends. She is going to become a pastor. I have her address. I’m going to write her.

Last night we had a youth group picnic. I was ditched and left out of things. I felt awful. It hurt. I even cried when I fell asleep. I think I like Jason D. He is going into 11th grade. I think he is cute but he has a girlfriend. But he’d never go for a loser like me. Valerie is going to introduce me to her guy friend Dylan. I can’t wait. Lindsey [other] Jason, and I are planning a fake birthday for them at camp. They are pretending to be twins. I’ll explain later.

Love, Danielle


*I love that I talk about improving my writing skills and I misspell writing.

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One response to “Mortification Monday

  1. This is awesome. And awwwww to old you calling you a loser. 😦
    I hope you explained the pseudo twinsies!


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