Mortification Monday

Friday, June 16th 1995

Dear Diary,

I still haven’t called Jenn or Tiff yet. I haven’t had time yet. We went to Disney World for two days. I had fun. We created enough memories to last a lifetime. I saw a really, well kinda cute, guy. I smiled at him and he looked away. He kept looking at me but he didn’t even speak English. There were plenty of cute guys there with their families.

I wish/ want a lot of things:

  • a boyfriend
  • friends
  • a carefree life
  • to fall in love

I’m babysitting Travis tonight and tomorrow night.





At least I accomplished three of my four goals. “A carefree life” doesn’t really exist after 14. Then you have to deal with jobs and college and living on your own and not setting the kitchen on fire when cooking (my mom did this before she was married) and paying a mortgage or rent and  saving for retirement and….

I know I claimed to have created memories to last a lifetime on that visit to Disney World (aside from Space Mountain, DW is hell on Earth) but nearly 19 years later and I’ve retained NONE of them.

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