Mortification Monday

Monday, June 12th, 1995

Dear Diary,

“The World is a giant crystal ball. There are visions of hope, love, happiness, and despair, hate, anger and death. We control those things by our actions. We control our future.”- I thought if that. Today was the first Monday of summer vacation. I got up at 7 and went jogging. I mailed a letter to Valerie and I babysat. Willow is having her claws removed. I cleaned my sister’s closet. It is raining now.; the summer storms Florida is known for are here. I like the rain. It refreshes the earth. My sister and I get along most of the time. Dad is cool. I mean it. He played one of my fav rock n’roll songs. I tried to tan today. I have a secret. I know I’ve told you before- I like to read romance novels, preferably the cheap supermarket kind. I live a happy life. But I wish Jenn and Tiffany would understand me. I’m going to apologize to them tomorrow.





1. Here I am talking about the weather again like the nerd I am. Is Florida even really known for summer storms? Fun fact: in the 6th grade I wanted to be a Meteorologist and I was obsessed with weather.

2. I think the song I am referring to is either Pearl Jam’s “Daughter” or Rush’s “Time Stands Still.”

3. I cleaned my sister’s closet. Still a nerd.

4. I was obsessed with Harlequin romance novels starting at about age 11, always reading them in secret. It’s how I learned about sex considering how I was always “sick” for the sex-ed days in school (seriously. I got sick a lot). Fun fact: I still love a good romance novel, especially one by Sarah Mayberry, Victoria Dahl or Kristan Higgins.

5. Lastly, when did I start reading self-help books?

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